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NOMS CFO R3 Market Engagement Events

Bidders' Information Event 21st October 2014

NOMS Co-financing Organisation (NOMS CFO) held an information event in Birmingham to bring greater clarity to the delivery plans for their Round 3 delivery of ESF funding (2014-2020).

NOMS CFO is pleased to report that representatives from all the invited organisations attended.

A full list of attendee’s and the presentations which were delivered on the day is now available below :

Birmingham Event June 2014

NOMS CFO ran three market engagement events in Birmingham on 4 th June, London on 11th June and in Manchester on 18th June. Over 400 people attended these very successful events to learn more about the programme aims and processes. The events also provided opportunity for prospective sub-providers to network with prospective primes.

The presentation at the events can be found here : CFO3 Launch Events 2014 and Launch Event Presentation_Proc

The attendee and organisation information from all three events can be found here: Attendees All events June 14

Several organisations developed pen picture summaries of their organisations to assist with networking opportunities. All the pen pictures have been collected and will be published shortly.

Should any organisation wish to submit a pen picture please complete this template and send to [email protected]

The template for Pen Pictures can be found here :Pen Pictures R3 Events (Word Doc)

NOMS CFO/ESF 2014-2020

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