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Resources available

In order for NOMS Co-financing organisation (NOMS CFO) to claim match funding from the European Social Fund (ESF) we must be able to demonstrate that all offenders who are serving sentences within our prisons or in the community are receiving information which informs them that interventions, funded by the European Social Fund, are available to them.

We do this by incorporating a statement within all induction processes within prison and by providing all offenders with a leaflet highlighting this support.

For offenders who prefer to receive information in a language other than English we have developed a set of leaflets in some of the most popular languages used in our prisons and communities.

Below is an example of the English version of our Prison and Community leaflets and the corresponding leaflets in the following languages:

Language Community Prison
English Download Download

Language Community Prison
Arabic Download Download
Farsi Download Download
French Download Download
Gujarati Download Download
Hindi Download Download
Lithuanian Download Download
Polish Download Download
Portuguese Download Download
Punjabi Download Download
Romanian Download Download
Somali Download Download
Tamil Download Download
Urdu Download Download
Welsh Download

All leaflets are in a printable format.

The document containing Publicity Requirements is now available and can be found HERE


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