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Introduction to the Round 3 Website

The National Offender Management Service Co-Financing Organisation (NOMS CFO) provision for the European Social Fund (ESF) 2014-2020 Operational Programme (Round 3) tender process commenced with a publication of a Tentative Contract Notice in April. The Authority has now published the Contract Notice to commence formal competition.

The link to the Contract Notice can be found HERE

Final ITT Specifications

The specification on this page is what is in the Final ITT tender documents. It is provided here for information only.

The Schedule G Version Control table can be found HERE
Schedule GA zip archive can be found HERE (If your computer is not able to download ZIP files, please click HERE)

Expressions of Interest Database

Following the publication of the Tentative Notice, NOMS CFO received Expressions of Interest (EOIs) to participate in the forthcoming tender from a number of organisations. The list of these organisations is on the attached EOI Master Sheet which is updated weekly.

All currently available Pen Pictures have been packaged together and can be found here : Pen Pictures Zip Archive (last updated 18/08/2014)

Expression Of Interest Database (last updated 09/01/2015) - Please note this release reflects the state of play at the close of the final ITT for R3

Ethical Walls

All MoJ/NOMS staff with regulatory, commissioning or procurement involvement in this competition are required to sign a declaration agreeing to avoid any conflict of interest. The register of all who have signed is called the Ethical Walls Register.

A copy of the template that staff are required to complete is available here:
Ethical Walls Template

The Ethical Walls Register detailing staff who have completed the form is available here:
Ethical Walls Register (last updated 22/07/2014)

NOMS CFO/ESF 2014-2020

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