This page is here for archive purposes, to showcase CFO and European Social Fund (ESF) achievements between 2009 - 2015. For information on the latest ESF funded National Offender Management Service (NOMS) programme, please click here

NOMS Co-financing Organisation

Projects aimed at improving employability are seen as key to changing offender's lives and reducing reoffending. Since January 2010, the NOMS European Social Fund (ESF) Co-financing programme has been working with participants who would benefit from additional employment and skills provision.

The NOMS ESF Programme aims to complement existing provision, particulary the Offender Learning and Skills Service (OLASS) in prisons as well as other existing employment and skills services.


March 2013 ESF Leaders Awards 2012

NOMS CFO projects gained success in the recent ESF Mainstreaming Leaders Awards 2012.

Full details of the winners are available here

The nominations for the 2013 awards will shortly be requested so now is the time to think about what your projects have offered and the successes you have achieved.

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