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Projects aimed at improving employability are seen as key to changing offender's lives and reducing reoffending. Since January 2010, the NOMS European Social Fund (ESF) Co-financing programme has been working with participants who would benefit from additional employment and skills provision.

The NOMS ESF Programme aims to complement existing provision, particularly the Offender Learning and Skills Service (OLASS) in prisons as well as other existing employment and skills services.

Assessing the Link between Qualifications & Occupations
(Nov 13)

This is the first in a series of short statistical reports aimed at better understanding the nature of the participants worked with on the NOMS Co-financing programme, and the mechanisms that help move them towards employment and reduce reoffending.

The aim of this report is to identify links between the subject nature of qualifications achieved and the occupations that have been subsequently entered. Here we use statistical analysis to identify 'clusters' of qualifications and occupations. The qualifications in a given cluster are likely to lead to the occupations also assigned to that cluster, and less likely to lead to the occupations found in other clusters. This report highlights such clusters and describes in more detail the most prevalent clusters.

Region \ Contract Area Report Code Download
East of England RS01EE Click to Download
East Midlands RS01EM Click to Download
London RS01LN Click to Download
North East RS01NE Click to Download
North West (inc. Merseyside) RS01NW Click to Download
South East RS01SE Click to Download
South West (inc. Cornwall) RS01SW Click to Download
West Midlands RS01WM Click to Download
Yorkshire & Humberside (inc. S.Yorks) RS01YH Click to Download

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